Board Members

Jaqui Brown, Carly Manuel, Sarah Lochhead, Ulana Fordham, Chrissy Baxter, Shelby Thoms, and Natasha O’Hara in “Penumbra” choreographed by Susan Kendal. (Photo by Max Lupo).

Meet the Board

SCD’s Board of Directors is comprised of dedicated supporters who bring a wealth of diverse experience, business knowledge, and an appreciation of dance to the table.

Our Board is representative of our community through a mix of perspectives as business owners, novice dancers, fans of dance, or professionally trained artists.

If you are interested in joining the Board please email

Wendy Hutchinson

Board Chair and Secretary

Wendy is a founding Board member and was an adult dance student of Company founder, Sarah Lochhead. Wendy’s primary occupation as a Law Clerk comprises vast experience with and knowledge of legal information, resources, and governance, all of which combined with her organisational skills have been instrumental to SCD. Having lived in Barrie since she was a teenager, Wendy is also a ceramic artisan and brings a measure of historical context regarding the local arts community.

April Balunda

General Board Member

April is a retired dance instructor who worked with Huronia Dance Centre, which educated dancers in our region for over 20 years.  She is a research analyst with a keen interest in supporting the arts. Her expertise as a former dance educator offers a unique perspective as does her historical ties to the evolution of dance training in our region. April has recently signed her second three-year term contract with our Board of Directors. 

April Du


Derek Breedon

General Board Member

Derek is a local fan of dance who was introduced to SCD by a member of our artistic staff. Derek’s has a background in film and television. He first engaged with SCD outside of being an audience member as a videography volunteer. His engagement then grew to become a Board Member.